Mobile Search Optimization is a nascent and quickly evolving field, but it’s one that marketers can take advantage of today, before the search engine results pages become crowded and optimization more difficult. Mobile search optimization is commonly misunderstood as optimization of a web site specifically designed for the mobile web. While this is a large part of mobile search optimization, a truly comprehensive mobile search optimization campaign will also include mobile and local content distribution and an audit of the client’s web site for mobile web accessibility.

If there is one area of certain growth in these troubled economic times, it is the mobile communications sector. And with significant improvements having emerged over the last few years in vital areas such as data transfer speed, screens and content, mobile devices are starting to challenge the PC as an Internet access device of choice. This in turn has raised a key issue in the Mobile Internet space: that of the optimization of sites for mobile devices and search engines.

Our Mobile Website Optimization Services Include:

  • Wireframe essential content to a mobile user
  • Do mobile-specific keyword research
  • Optimize for multiple device and browser types
  • Create and submit mobile sitemap(s)
  • Audit robots.txt file
  • Link building
  • Analytics
  • Run benchmark mobile reports
  • Test, optimize and refresh as appropriate.