The Importance of Keyword Research

What are your customers searching for? Answering this question should should be the first step of any effective web marketing effort including SEO and keyword advertising.

A keyword is anything that you type into a search engine, whether it’s in Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even your favorite social network like Facebook or Twitter. Everyday people are using keywords to find stuff.

Now that you have a little better understanding of what a keyword is it’s time to get started with finding out what niche you would like to promote and how to find the perfect keywords that you need to get started.

  • Keyword Research Uncovers Hidden Opportunities
  • Keyword Research Saves Money

It is tempting to think that years of experience and dealing with customers gives us a good picture of how they act. However, there are several inherent assumptions that limit the utility of experience:

  • Customer interactions are self-selected. You only talk to people that have found you and are interested in your products and services, not those that either couldn’t find you or think that your solutions are not applicable. The number of people that can find you is typically dwarfed by the number that can’t.
  • Online search behavior is very different from inter-personal communications. People use different, much more concise terminology in search engines than they do in conversation.
  • There are more terms in use than we can possibly come up with and remember. Research on behalf of just about every client we’ve served has turned up literally unanticipated keywords